Our cover stresses that our way of life is at risk due to the effects of climate change. Sea levels are rising and are threatening to overrun our coastal cities. Fresh water sources are declining at a frightening rate. In 2017, natural disasters and severe typhoons like Hurricane Harvey in Puerto Rico and the deadly monsoon floods in Bangladesh affected millions of lives. The Philippines has had its own share of extreme weather events like Typhoons Ondoy and Yolanda, and yet we remain oblivious to the imminent danger our country and more alarmingly, our world faces in the next decade. Without drastic action from us to change our lifestyles and to come together and collaborate with other nations to intervene in these dangerous times, the effect of climate change will quickly become catastrophic, and our world will almost certainly run out of time.

We must recognize the fact that we are responsible for accelerating global warming. Today, it is undisputable that greenhouse emissions caused by man are at near-peak levels, driven in large part by the devastating impact of coal-powered generation. This untenable situation demands immediate long-term solutions to put us on the recovery path to genuine decarbonization.

First Gen is fully committed to this progressive vision through its portfolio of power generation assets that combine substantial investments in clean natural gas plants with increasing capacity in renewable energy. Guided by the Lopez Credo that urges growth through responsible stewardship, First Gen advocates for positive change by challenging its peers in the power industry to reject carbon pollution and focus on building a better and truly sustainable future that our children can flourish in.